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Marisa Chenery was always a lover of books, but after reading her first historical romance novel she found herself hooked. Having inherited a love for the written word, she soon started writing her own novels.

She now writes young adult books and erotic romances.

Marisa lives in Ontario, Canada, with her husband, four children, four grandchildren (she’s a young grandma at fifty) and five rabbits.

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Warrior Surrender Title:  Warrior Hunger-Warrior Surrender
Publisher:  Liquid Silver Publishing

ISBN:  978-1-62210-414-7

Book three in the Warrior Hunger series.

Jaxon never wanted to tie himself down to a single woman, not even when he was mortal. When a sexy temptress collides with him on the street, dumping her coffee all over his chest, he sees the opportunity for another installment of his modus operandi—seduce, bed and then leave. But this fiery woman sees through his attempts and refuses to be just another notch on his bedpost.

Chyna is prepared to walk away when it becomes clear Jaxon plans to hit it and leave. She has a plan of her own and knows seduction is a two-way street. Once she gets him in bed, he won’t want to leave. But she gets more than she bargained for when her lover shows his other, furry side and reveals his true nature—as a shifter and warrior to an ancient Egyptian god. She must then decide if she is brave enough to stay…or if she will be the one to walk away.


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Jaxon strolled down the street with no real destination in mind. Even though he’d hunted his prey for most of the night before, he’d taken to the streets of San Diego the following day, midafternoon. Not to hunt. He was just restless. The thought of sitting at home, waiting for the sun to set once again so he could seek out evildoers, as was his job as one of Anubis’ warriors, wasn’t something he wanted to do. Thus, he was out wandering.

French by birth, he’d been alive since 1772. He’d taken his vow to serve Anubis in 1798 when he’d been a soldier with Napoleon’s army. They’d been in Egypt to take the first step against British India to drive the British out of the French Revolutionary War. Taking part in the last battle where the British had defeated the French, Jaxon had almost lost his life, had been pretty near death. He’d been wounded during a naval attack by Nelson in the Aboukir Bay, just off the coast of Egypt. Jaxon had been on the French ship Orient. Wounded by British cannon shot, he’d managed to escape the burning ship before it exploded. Barely reaching the shore, he had called out to any Egyptian god to save him, and Anubis had been the one to answer.

Now he lived in San Diego. For the most part, he was content with his new life. Every once in a while he’d get restless, but he always managed to get over it. He’d grown accustomed to being alone. And he didn’t miss the fact there wasn’t a woman at his side to share his life. Even as a mortal he hadn’t wanted a wife.

He turned a corner, which took him to the front of a coffee shop. Jaxon grunted, then sucked in a sharp breath as a woman talking on her cell phone, who had come out of the building, crashed into him, spilling her hot coffee on the front of his shirt. Ignoring the stinging burn on his chest, he grabbed her by her arms to right her.

She pulled her cell away from her ear and gave him a look of horror. “Oh, my god. I’m so sorry. Are you okay? Were you scalded by the coffee?”

Luckily for him, being immortal meant whatever burn he’d received had healed in a matter of seconds. The only damage done was to his shirt, which had a big stain across the chest.

“I’m fine,” he said. “No harm done.”

The woman said a few words into her phone before she ended the call and then put it inside her purse. “Look what I did to your shirt. Here, hold this.”

She passed him her cup of coffee before she dabbed at the front of his t-shirt with one of the paper napkins she held. Obviously not satisfied with that, she pushed another up under his shirt and dabbed it from the inside as well as the outside.

Jaxon’s cock stirred as the backs of her fingers rubbed against his chest. While she was busy trying to clean him up, he took the time to get a really good look at her. She was pretty with the kind of looks that drew him to a woman. Her long, brown hair fell over her shoulders, looking soft to the touch. He had the sudden urge to sink his fingers into the silken mass and take her mouth with his until she moaned. His dick liked that idea because it went rock hard two heartbeats later.

She must have noticed the state he was in. Her movements stilled just before her brown-eyed gaze lifted to his. Her breath seemed to catch as she stared at his mouth. A pale shade of pink appeared on her cheeks. She pulled her hands away.

“Ah, I’m really sorry,” she said. “Let me make it up to you. I’ll buy you a drink this evening. And I’m Chyna, by the way.”

Jaxon ran his gaze down her body, liking what he saw outlined by her blouse and fitted skirt. The high heels she wore made her legs look long and toned. He wouldn’t mind getting her into bed for a night, having them wrapped around his waist as he pounded into her. He could afford to take the night off from hunting. With the crime rate in San Diego low, there weren’t as many evildoers around as there had been when he’d first moved to the city over ten years ago.

He nodded. “A drink would be nice. I’m Jaxon.”

She smiled. “Great. Meet me at the Waterfront Bar, say around seven? Do you know where it is?”

“Yes. And seven sounds fine.”

“I’d stay and talk but I’m in the middle of my lunch break and I have to get back to the office. So I’ll see you later this evening.”

After taking her coffee back, Chyna gave him one last smile, then walked away. Jaxon turned to watch her, his gaze landing on her bottom. The restlessness he’d felt earlier had magically disappeared with the prospect of meeting with Chyna again, and the chance of getting to know her a whole lot better while he had her in his bed.


4 Stars:  I enjoyed this latest visit to the world of Anubis’s warrior’s. Once again the author brings her warriors and their world vividly to life. I enjoy seeing each new warrior and their mate defeat their demon in this series and Jaxon and Chyna do not disappoint. Watching Jaxon find himself and come to terms with his feelings made for a good read. The bond and the love that builds between the two was a wonderful thing to see. Fast paced and filled with emotions this book is a great installment in this series and has me eagerly waiting to meet the new warrior and his mate.--Mistletoe, Long and Short Reviews

3.5 Stars:  Marisa Chenery, the author, has written a well thought out, interesting book. This book is the third book in the series Warrior Hunger. I have not read the previous books in the series; however, I will now go hunting for them. She makes the characters flow on the pages and draws the reader in. In a different take on the fight for good and evil Ms. Chenery has given readers a new batch of heroes to enjoy. As one continues through the book it almost starts to sizzle with the heat and intensity between Jaxon and Chyna.--Deidre, Night Owl Reviews

5 Cups:  Ms. Chenery always delivers stories for the heart. She builds characters which live in the hearts and minds of romantics forever. I love the name Chyna and the character lives up to the fabulous name. Really, who can resist a hero such as Jaxon who has the characteristics of a typical male but the soul of a protector? Warrior’s Surrender is a wonderful read with action and romance for a readers enjoyment.--Delane, Coffee Time Romance