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Marisa Chenery was always a lover of books, but after reading her first historical romance novel she found herself hooked. Having inherited a love for the written word, she soon started writing her own novels.

She now writes young adult books and erotic romances.

Marisa lives in Ontario, Canada, with her boyfriend, Steve, four children, four grandchildren (she’s a young grandma in her fifties), and rabbit and dog.

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Jinx and Her Werewolf Title:  Wolves of Aurora-Jinx and Her Werewolf

ISBN:  978-1-98865-913-8

Book one in the Wolves of Aurora series.

As a jinx, Thora has had to move around a lot. When her car breaks down, stranding her in Aurora, she figures the town is as good a place as any to stay for a while. After meeting Daker, he’s just one more reason for her not to leave.

A werewolf, Daker knows Thora is his mate, but her being a mortal just adds one more reason to take things slow. It’ll be hard enough to get her to accept what he is.

After Daker claims Thora as his mate, she knows they can never be, not with her curse hanging over her head. She might be a jinx for the rest of her life, but there’s a deadlier part of it that must be avoided or it’ll cause her to suffer.

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After getting out of her year-old blue Chevy Cobalt coupe that was now dead as a doornail, Thora shut the driver’s door and looked around. The sun slowly sank below the horizon. Her car sat on the side of the road on a street just off Main Street in a small town called Aurora. She hadn’t intentionally come there. She’d just happened across it. When things got really bad, which they invariably did, she would pack up her car and just drive until she found a new place to live. Somewhere nobody knew her. At the moment, Aurora, Tennessee, looked to be as good a place as any.

With a sigh, Thora opened the car door and then popped the hood. She walked to the front of the car and lifted it to look at the engine, not that she knew anything about fixing one. She poked at the sparkplugs, having no real idea what had caused her vehicle to suddenly stop. Thora leaned in farther under the hood and peered at one of the belts.

“Do you need some help?”

The sound of a deep, masculine voice that came from behind her caused Thora to jump. She cursed while she reared back and cracked her head on the raised hood. Slowly backing up, she said, “Damn it, that hurt. Didn’t anyone ever tell you not to sneak up on a person like that?”

Thora rubbed her head and turned to see who stood at her back. Her hand stilled as she looked at the lightest green eyes she’d ever seen. They reminded her of two pieces of jade. She skimmed her gaze over the face that came with them, and what a face it was. The man had one that would put a male model to shame.

Unable to tear her gaze away, Thora took in his straight nose, chiseled cheekbones, and square jaw. His lips were firm and made her wonder what they would feel like pressed to hers. His straight hair brushed the tops of his shoulders, and seemed to be a mix of blond and brown. Her fingers itched to run through it to see if it felt soft as it looked. She licked her lips, taking in the rest of him. He was built. She had to give him that. The tight black jeans and gray T-shirt he wore showed off the large muscles on his arms, chest, and legs to perfection. He towered over her, and she was not short, by any means, at five foot seven. She guessed him to be about six foot six.

He stepped closer, breaking the spell she seemed to have fallen under. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to sneak up on you. Are you okay?”

Thora dropped her hand to her side and nodded. She cleared her throat before she spoke. “I’m fine. I just bumped my head. I’ve had worse.” She’d lost count of the number of times she’d had to go to a hospital’s ER to be patched up because of one of her “accidents.”

He glanced at her car. “Having car trouble?”

“Yeah.” Thora forced herself to turn and look at her car. “It just stopped, and I can’t get it started again.”

He brushed past her and stuck his head under the hood. As he bent slightly forward to get a closer look at the engine, Thora bit back a silent moan as the material of his jeans pull tighter across his hard, muscled ass. She bet she could bounce a quarter off it. There didn’t seem to be an inch of fat anywhere on him.

Lost in a fantasy of him stretched out across the hood of her car while she licked every inch of him, Thora jerked back to reality when she heard a loud popping sound. She moved around to stand next to the hunky man of her fantasies in time to see a fountain of oil suddenly shoot out of her engine and hit him smack in the face.

Knowing she had to be the one who’d caused it, she automatically apologized. “I’m so sorry.” She took a step back as he pulled his head out from under the hood, and using his palm, tried to wipe off the car oil that dripped down his face.

He shook his head. “Don’t apologize. That wasn’t your fault.” He swiped at his face again. “Though I have to say I’ve never had a car do that to me before.”

Thora gave him a sheepish grin. “Let’s just say, around me, lots of weird and unusual things happen.”

“Well, it looks as if you won’t be going anywhere tonight. The local garage will be closed by now. You’ll have to wait to call them in the morning. Do you have a place to stay?”

“No. I only planned on passing through.” Thora stared at him. Her gaze collided with his. She had to swallow at the look of longing in his light green eyes. They seemed to glow for a split second before he looked at her lips. An ache built in her pussy and wetness pooled between her legs. His nostrils flared as he drew in a deep breath. With just one look, he brought her to full arousal.

He took a step closer as his gaze flicked down to her pebbled nipples. Her peach-colored, short-sleeved blouse did nothing to hide their condition before he looked back up at her face.

“I would offer to have you over for the night since I just live there,” he pointed to the modest bungalow directly in front of them, “but I don’t think that would be a good idea. I’m Daker Sands, by the way.”

Daker’s voice had become deeper and huskier as he’d spoken. Hearing it caused the flames of her desire to burn even hotter. “I’m Thora Pomeroy,” she replied in a breathy voice. She cleared her throat before she continued, not wanting him to know how turned-on she’d become. “If you point me to a place where I can stay the night, I’ll arrange something for myself.”

With his clean hand, Daker reached out and took hold of a lock of her black, waist-length hair and brought it to his nose for a sniff. Thora felt as if she would melt into the asphalt right then and there.