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Marisa Chenery was always a lover of books, but after reading her first historical romance novel she found herself hooked. Having inherited a love for the written word, she soon started writing her own novels.

She now writes young adult books and erotic romances.

Marisa lives in Ontario, Canada, with her husband, four children, four grandchildren (she’s a young grandma at fifty) and five rabbits.

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Her Eternal Warrior Title:  Warrior Hunger-Her Eternal Warrior
Publisher:  Liquid Silver Publishing

ISBN:  978-1-62210-413-0

Book two in the Warrior Hunger series.

Protecting mortals from the evil preying upon them is Tor’s number-one job. His dying pledge to serve the Egyptian god Anubis gave him immortality and a life of solitude as a jackal shifter—for thousands of years. But all that changes when he saves a young woman from being attacked. The moment he sees her face his blood—and his cock—stirs. For the first time ever he is reluctant to wipe himself from a victim’s mind. She becomes the center of his existence, and nothing but total possession will do.

Kenna can’t believe her luck when the sexy-as-hell stranger approaches the Luxor Hotel reception desk and asks her out. There’s something familiar about him, but she just can’t place it. She falls hard and fast, and scorching sex is just the icing on the cake. Tor’s guarded secret could change everything, however. Sure, she was open to settling down, but life with Tor would put a whole new meaning on the word forever.


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“Make yourself at home,” Kenna said as she led him into the living room. “If you don’t mind, I’m going to get out of my work clothes and change into something more comfortable.”

Tor would have loved nothing more than to ask her if he could come with her and help her take off her clothes, maybe even suggest she just stay naked, which would definitely be more comfortable. He said nothing of the sort. It was a little too soon for that. Maybe after they’d had a beer he could steer things in that direction.

“Go ahead,” he replied. “I’ll wait right here.” Tor took a seat on the couch.

As Kenna disappeared down the short hallway off the living room, she said, “You can watch some TV while you wait. The remote is on the coffee table.”

Tor reached for the remote and then switched on the television. He needed the distraction. Knowing Kenna was in her bedroom undressing, he could almost picture what she’d look like under each article of clothing she took off. His cock, which had settled down enough back in the restaurant to not embarrass him, went rock hard once more. If he didn’t get to touch her soon, he was going to lose his mind. Her scent, the way she teased him, drove him crazy.

A few minutes later, Kenna came back wearing a pair of black yoga pants and a pink t-shirt. Her feet were bare. She went to the kitchen and took out two bottles of beer, then headed to the living room.

Tor accepted the one she held out to him. “If you want a glass, I can get you one,” she said as she sat beside him. “I usually just drink mine out of the bottle.”

A woman after his own heart. “So do I.”

“So, what are you watching?” she asked, then took a sip of her beer.

He had no idea. He really hadn’t paid too much attention to what had come up on the screen. “I was just flipping through the channels.”

“I have The Movie Channel. Why don’t we see if something good is playing?”

Tor nodded and passed Kenna the remote. Their fingers met and a shot of awareness surged through him. He took a swallow of his beer, hoping it would calm him down a bit. Having her next to him, her scent filling his nose with each move she made, made him hunger for Kenna even more.

He forced himself to focus on the TV. Kenna turned it to an action flick, one he’d seen before. It was one he’d enjoyed. Tor actually watched a fair amount of television, mostly movies. Being alone with no others to associate with, there really weren’t a whole lot of things he could do to entertain himself. He could only work out so much, and the Internet wasn’t really his thing.

“I think we just missed the beginning of the movie,” Kenna said. “Is that okay? Or do you want me to find one that’s just starting?”

“No, this is fine. I’ve seen this one before. It’s good.”

Kenna put the remote on the coffee table, then settled back on the couch. She sat so close she was right up against Tor. They silently drank their beer. All the while, he couldn’t ignore her presence. No longer able to take it, he lifted his arm and put it around Kenna’s shoulders. She shifted, snuggling closer to his side and rested the back of her head on his chest. She perfectly fit against him as if she’d been made for him.

Tor bent his head and smelled Kenna’s hair. The scent of some exotic-smelling fruit filled his nose. He closed his eyes and breathed deeper, dragging it farther into his lungs. She pressed closer and placed a hand on his thigh. His cock jerked when she used her fingers to draw circles on his leg. If he got any harder, his shaft would bust the zipper on his jeans.

His heartrate sped up even more as Kenna changed from drawing circles to running her hand up and down his thigh. With each pass up, she came closer and closer to his dick. Tor found it hard to just sit there and let her do what she did to him, but he liked it at the same time. He wanted her to touch him. Wanted her hands all over him, touching and stroking.

His breath punched out of him and he stiffened in anticipation as Kenna’s fingers came within a hairsbreadth from touching the tip of his cock. Then she made contact. Tor heard a quiet, breathy sigh escape her, and she used the tip of one to run over the full length of him.

That small sound along with her light touch pushed him to the point where he couldn’t sit there any longer without acting on his arousal. Tor turned his head to see Kenna looked at him. With a groan, he lowered his lips to hers. He kept it gentle at first, but when she kissed him back and nipped his lower lip, he claimed her mouth fully.


4.5 Stars:  In the second book of the Warrior Hungers series, Marisa Chenery introduces the first of the warriors created by the god Anubis. Tor is content, but lonely. Kenna is the woman Tor needs to complete him. Ms. Chenery presents a book with lots of action and sex hot enough to send the reader for a cold shower to cool off.--Candy, Sensual

4 Cups:  The blend of dialogues keeps the conversations in perfect sync with the plot. The sex is great in a readers—will—try—this-at—home kind of way. I love the Egypt to Las Vegas pyramid metaphor and think it is very well done. Her Eternal Warrior does leave me with–why now? Why not thousands of years ago? Still I can be really nit-noid dorky, so read this book. Readers are going to love it as much as I do. Ms. Chenery is fast becoming one of my favorite authors.--Anya, Coffee Time Romance

4 Stars/You Need to Read:  I really enjoy each and every visit to each new world imagined from this author and this book was no different. I enjoyed watching their attraction turn into something more as the story progressed. This second book in this series is a fast paced story that pulled me in right from the start and I am eagerly awaiting the next warrior to find his mate.--Gabrielle, You Gotta Read

4.5 Stars-Top Pick:  Marisa Chenery’s latest release, Her Eternal Warrior is a wonderfully written paranormal romance that blends some Egyptian mythology with lots of erotic play. She has perfectly woven elements of Egyptian mythology with modern times and adds just the right amount of scorching hot sexual tension. Her characters are believable, intelligent and compelling and her plotline is fast-paced and interesting. I am definitely adding this book to my keeper collection and I’m delighted to recommend this book to others.--Heather, Night Owl Reviews