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Marisa Chenery was always a lover of books, but after reading her first historical romance novel she found herself hooked. Having inherited a love for the written word, she soon started writing her own novels.

She now writes young adult books and erotic romances.

Marisa lives in Ontario, Canada, with her husband, four children, four grandchildren (she’s a young grandma at fifty) and five rabbits.

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A Warrior to Love Title:  Warrior Hunger-A Warrior to Love
Publisher:  Liquid Silver Publishing

ISBN:  978-1-62210-415-4

Book four in the Warrior Hunger series.

After a disastrous blind date leaves Alexis stranded, she hits up a handsome stranger in the restaurant for his cell phone. She connects to more than the cab company. One look from him has her pulse racing and other notable body parts standing at attention. Their instant chemistry has her night making a turn for the better.

A Warrior of Anubis since 1920, Konner finds the loneliness of his life getting to him. And being celibate for the last five years certainly isn’t helping matters any. But the sexy damsel in distress stirs passions long buried. He has to have her—in his life and in his bed. She’s everything he’s ever wanted in his long existence. But the nature of who he is could end this love affair before he has a chance at forever.


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“I was going to suggest we do something else after we eat, like going to a nightclub, but how would you feel about going to my place? We can play some video games,” he said with a smile. “See who the better gamer is.”

Alexis had the distinct impression that if she said yes, playing video games wouldn’t be the only thing they would be doing. Not that that bothered her. She’d use any excuse to get someplace alone with Konner.

“All right. You’re on,” she said. “So, what does the winner get?”

Heat flared in Konner’s eyes. “Anything they want. Within reason, of course.”

“Of course.”

Alexis would try her damnedest to be the winner. The thought of telling Konner to take his clothes off while she watched sent a flood of warmth through her body. Though ending up the loser would more than likely be something she’d enjoy as well. The way his gaze seemed to eat her up as he stared at her, his thoughts could be going down the same road as hers.

“Then we’re on?” he asked in a voice that had gone a little husky.

“Definitely. Just be prepared to get your ass beat.”

“You’re pretty confident you’ll win. You’ve never played against me before. I might be the one beating your cute ass.”

She gave him a smile. “We shall see.” Even though it was an offhanded remark about her ass, a thrill still went through Alexis to know Konner thought it was cute.

They finished the rest of the food. To speed things up a bit, Alexis packed in the chopsticks and picked up the rolls with her fingers. Konner paid their bill, and they were soon outside getting into his car.

When they reached the Southport Corridor neighborhood, Alexis realized Konner had never said what he did for a living. Whatever it was, she had a feeling it paid really well. That was proven correct when he pulled into the driveway of a majestic-looking Queen Anne house that sat on a large corner lot. The property had black wrought-iron fencing all around it. It also looked to be worth a fortune. He parked in front of a two-car detached garage and then shut the engine off.

Alexis waited for him to come around and open the door for her. Konner seemed to be a gentleman that way, always opening and closing it. With a hand on the small of her back, he guided her to the double doors at the front of the house. Inside, they stepped into an entranceway that had mosaic floors.

“How big is this place?” she asked as Konner shut the door they’d come through.

“It’s sixty-four hundred square feet.”

“That’s huge. I guess you don’t have to worry about feeling you’re running out of space.”

Konner chuckled. “No, I don’t. Come on. I’ll show my media room. That’s where I have my systems set up.”

He led her to a door that had a flight of stairs going down to what turned out to be a finished basement. Her eyes widened when she took in the catering kitchen.

“Someone could use this basement as an apartment with the kitchen and all.”

“I like my privacy too much for that, and I don’t need renters to pay for the place. Besides the kitchen and media room, I have a thousand-bottle wine cellar down here as well.”

She blinked. “A thousand bottles? You can’t have that many down here.”

Konner chuckled. “No, I don’t. The cellar is more for a wine collector, which I’m not.”

He led her to his media room. There was a large LED television hanging on one wall with a thick-cushioned couch facing it. The entertainment unit sitting under the TV had two gaming systems set up on it and the shelves inside were filled with games.

Alexis sat on the couch as Konner walked to the entertainment unit. “So, what game do you have in mind for us to play?” she asked.

He selected one off the shelf and held it up. “This. It’s a shooter. Whoever gets the most kills during a match wins.”

“You’re on. Just to give you fair warning, I’m pretty good at games like this.”

Konner turned on one of the systems, then put in the game disc. “So am I,” he said as he took a seat next to her before he handed her a wireless controller.

As they played, Alexis soon found out Konner was as good as he’d said. He was definitely giving her a run for her money. She even wondered if she’d be able to beat him. Plus, it didn’t help that he sat so close their thighs touched. His body heat sank into hers, making her very aware of him. With each breath she took, she pulled in the scent of his aftershave and the one that was totally his own. She found it hard to keep her full attention on the game, which caused her to make some silly mistakes that worked out in his favor. If he was as affected by her nearness as she was by his, he didn’t show it. And it sure didn’t seem to hinder his playing abilities either.

Somehow Alexis managed to pull off the win in the last few seconds of the match. She let out a whoop as their scores appeared on the TV screen. The difference was only by one kill, but she’d take it.

“I guess that makes me the better gamer,” she said as she turned to look at Konner.

“Or you just were lucky,” he replied.

“Either way I still won.”

Konner took the controller from her, then stood and returned hers and his to the entertainment unit. He took out the game disc and shut off the system before he once again sat beside her.

“All right, winner. You can have anything you want. So, what will it be?”

Alexis didn’t even hesitate. “You.”


4 Hearts:  I loved their romance, it was a hot read and both Konner and Alexis were brought wonderfully to life. I also enjoyed the relationship that Alexis has with her parents and the scene where her mother ogles Konner's naked backside was a hoot. Alexis and her mother had me chuckling more than a few times with their banter. The love that Konner and Alexis have is strong and it shows through in everything that they do. It was nice to see Konner fight for it but also let Alexis make the final decision on her own. He loves her and wants her to love him enough to accept him as he is. This was a nice addition to the series and I hope that we get to visit the world of Anubis again.--Gabrielle, The Romance Studio

4 Cups:  A Warrior to Love is a wonderful love story. It is difficult for me to say for sure but I think Konner is my favorite Warrior of Anubis to date. I am absolutely hooked on the Warrior Hunger Series as each warrior offers a unique man and his special woman. I highly recommend A Warrior to Love as well as any of the books in the Warrior Hunger series.--Delane, Coffee Time Romance

Number four in the Warrior Hunger series, Konner is pure sensual alpha male who captivates the reader from page one. I thought the chemistry between Alexis and Konner is off the charts. Great read, look forward to more in this series--Sensual Reads

4 Stars:  I loved the premise for this series. I’ve always been fascinated with the lore that surrounds the Egyptian culture, the gods they worshiped and so forth. So naturally, once I read the blurb I grabbed this one up right away. I’m so glad that I did because this was a wonderful love story. A Warrior To Love is a steamy love story. It’s well written with unique characters that will captivate the readers. It is a little bit short for my own reading preferences but just right for those times when you need to escape for a couple of hours. I loved it. I’d recommend A Warrior To Love as well as the other books in this exciting series.--Tulip, Long and Short Reviews

5 Stars, Top Pick:  Marisa Chenery never disappoints. I love her Warrior Hunger series. Needless to say sparks fly from the beginning. It is definitely love at first sight, but is it strong enough to hold up to Konner's job as a hunter of Anubis? Especially since Alexis is his mate. Read the book and find out.--Angibabi4, Night Owl Reveiws