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Marisa Chenery was always a lover of books, but after reading her first historical romance novel she found herself hooked. Having inherited a love for the written word, she soon started writing her own novels.

She now writes young adult books and erotic romances.

Marisa lives in Ontario, Canada, with her husband, four children, four grandchildren (she’s a young grandma at fifty) and five rabbits.

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Wade and Taryn Title:  Wulf's Den-Wade and Taryn
Publisher:  Loose Id

ISBN:  978-1-68252-136-6

Book two in the Wulf's Den Series

Having inherited her uncle's winery, Taryn Davies goes to Wulf's Den hoping to sell her wines to Beowulf, the owner. While there, she meets Wade, Beowulf's brother. Even though she is instantly attracted to him, her past makes it hard for her to accept his advances.

Catching a whiff of Taryn's lingering scent inside Wulf's Den, Wade is determined to make her his. But when their first meeting doesn't go as he would have liked, Wade follows Taryn to her winery, The Pines.

As Wade tries to win Taryn over, he has to find a way to explain that he is a werewolf. Little does he know another of his kind has Taryn in his sights, one who means her no good.


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Taryn Davies was pleased with the results of her meeting with Beowulf, the owner of Wulf’s Den. She had high hopes he would be placing an order for her White Zinfandel wine in the not too distant future. If he did, then a lot of her financial problems would be over.

After her uncle had died and left the vineyard for her to run on her own, Taryn had been a little surprised to see how much in debt he’d been. She wasn’t by any means strapped for money, but it would be a little tight if she couldn’t drum up a few more clients. Wulf’s Den had been number one on her list. The night club had been around for years, and was reputed to be one of San Francisco’s hot spots in the club scene.

Lost in her own thoughts, Taryn at first didn’t notice she was being followed. Hoping it was just someone who happened to be walking in the same direction as she, Taryn quickened her pace as she headed for the parking lot behind Wulf’s Den. The footsteps coming behind her kept pace.

Before she could reach her car, the person called out to her. She turned around and she found herself face-to-face with the most gorgeous man she’d ever seen. Actually, he was the second gorgeous man she’d seen that evening, if she counted Beowulf, who was similar in looks, but this man appealed to her senses more.

As he stood before her, staring at her with stark longing in his ice-blue eyes, Taryn took the opportunity to get a better look at him. He was tall, probably close to six-foot-seven in her estimation. At five-foot-eight, she still had to crane her neck to look him in the face. And his was all planes and angles. His chestnut, shoulder-length hair only added to his good-looks. She dropped her gaze and couldn’t help but notice he was built. Her uncle would have said this guy was built like a brick shithouse. He wore a tight, black t-shirt, which showed off his broad, well-muscled chest and arms that bulged in all the right places. Her mouth went dry as her gaze moved down farther still. There was a telltale bulge in his tight-fitting jeans as well.

Taryn jerked her gaze back up to his face, and asked, “Can I help you?”

He took a step closer, and her heart beat a little faster. There was something about him, about the way he looked at her that caused her body to stand up and take notice. She was getting more turned-on the longer he stared at her.

“You already have. Come back into the club with me and you’ll help me even more.”

His voice was deep and seemed to hit a chord deep inside her. Taryn swallowed. “Ah, okay. Do you work at the club? I didn’t see you in there.”

She had no idea where he was going with that one. She didn’t think he was hitting on her. Guys as good looking as he didn’t usually hit on her. She was passable in the looks department, but there wasn’t really anything about her that made her stand out. With her long, brown hair, which she mostly kept pulled back in a ponytail, and her brown eyes, she thought of herself as mousy in appearance.

“Yes. My name is Wade. I was down in the cellar when you had your meeting with my brother.”

That explained why Wade looked so much like Beowulf. It was obvious good looks ran in the family. Taryn stuck out her hand. “Nice to meet you. I hope your brother and I can do business together.”

Wade took it, but instead of shaking it, he pulled her closer. Before she realized his intent, he bent his head and claimed her lips in a searing kiss. And he didn’t just kiss her, he devoured her. His tongue pushed past her lips and tangled with hers. Desire slammed into her, causing an ache to build between her legs as her pussy grew wet. Taryn knew she was acting like an idiot for allowing him to kiss her. She usually didn’t make it a practice to get this close to a guy she’d only met just seconds before. She hadn’t even told him her name, and here she was swapping spit with him. And if that wasn’t bad enough, she didn’t want him to stop.

That soon changed when Wade took on the dominant role and wrapped his arms around her. He held her tightly as he ground his erection against her. With images of the ugly part of her past flashing through her mind, Taryn whimpered and pushed at his chest. When he didn’t release her, she acted on instinct.

Using all the dirty fighting skills her uncle had taught her, Taryn grabbed a fistful of Wade’s hair and pulled his mouth off hers. With the flat of her hand, she hit him in the nose. She brought her knee up and kicked him in his most vulnerable spot. He instantly let go of her and dropped to the ground as he cupped his manhood in one hand and his nose in the other.

Without looking back, Taryn quickly raced to her car. As she pulled out of the parking lot, she realized she’d just unmanned the brother of a prospective client. She guessed she wouldn’t be hearing back from Beowulf any time soon.


5 Flowers:  Although this is the second story in the series it is a doozy! It was a delight to read, and the dialogue was beyond witty! The entertainment value is a ten when it comes to this series! This is a definite must have!--Coale, My Book Cravings

4.5 Blue Ribbons:  Taryn is a wonderful heroine and has plenty of attitude to keep the sparks flying. Wade is a true alpha male and has the dominant ways to prove it. The attraction is obvious from the first meeting and the plot moves along at a brisk pace. Marisa Chenery did an excellent job of creating a romance with a paranormal aspect and I look forward to more of her writing in the future.--Angel, Romance Junkies

4 Hearts:  This is a sequel to “Beowulf & Roxie” which is a great book just like this one. The story is a page turner that keeps you reading till the very end. It has an interesting storyline with likable characters who keep the story lively.--Arianne, Night Owl Romance Reviews

4 Cups:  Be ready with a fan and a cool drink, because this is definitely one hot little number! Wade is absolutely scrumptious...Taryn’s life is just going through the motions, until she meets Wade, and then she really blossoms. They are fun, exciting, and more than a little hot and heavy! Ms. Chenery is a favorite, and this is just one more hit on her list.--Lototy, Coffee Time Romance

4 Hearts:  Ms. Chenery really knows how to write a story that will hold the reader’s attention from beginning to end. This story combines a very hot werewolf romance with humor and a lot of suspense. Beowulf and Roxie from the previous book in the series are pivotal characters and Roxie is as irrepressible as ever. This story is a must read for fans of werewolves.--Maura Frankman, The Romance Studio

Lust, love and honesty bind a willful woman and man in Taryn’s Wolf. Very sexy yet the unfolding love story is a delightful centerpiece within Taryn’s Wolf. I absolutely enjoyed Taryn’s Wolf from start to finish with the strong yet vulnerable Taryn and sensitive alpha Wade along with a great cast of secondary characters. Hot sex and happiness, Taryn’s Wolf delivers!--Lisa, Joyfully Reviewed

5 Tombstones:  Taryn’s Wolf, Marisa Chenery’s second book in this series, gives readers another glimpse of her excellent writing skills and her sinfully gorgeous hunks. Taryn’s Wolf has it all: a twist of humor, aggressive pursuance, sexual seduction, burnt food, long hours in bed, and delicious wines.--Amy, Bitten by Books

5 Cherries:  With its wonderful characters and absorbing plot, I truly enjoyed every page of this story. I really liked Wade and Taryn and found their relationship fascinating. If you are looking for an interesting paranormal romance about a likeable werewolf and his strong-willed mate, I’d recommend this one.--Lilac, Whipped Cream

The readers get more of Wade and his good looks, as well as catch up with Beowulf and Roxie and others from the first book. Ms. Chenery does a great job of joining the stories, as well as giving each character their own individual story to tell. Taryn's Wolf also introduces more morals into the werewolf world, and shows that love can and has many times passed between species. Truly an enjoyable book from the first page to the last.--Stacy Link, ParaNormal Romance

4.5 Delightful Divas:  I was drawn right in by Taryn and Wade and enjoyed their passionate journey. I found Wade endearing in many ways, but this one was my favorite. I look forward to the next books in this series, because I really do believe they are going to get better and better.--Melissa, Dark Diva Reviews

4 Hearts:  Taryn's Wolf is a nice second edition to the series. This is a series that the author recommends is read in order and so far I have to agree. In the first book readers are introduced to Roxie and her new found abilitites. This book Roxie is back and learning more about her skills as the one that the wolf prophecy says will unite all the wolf packs together.--Roni, Romance Book Scene

4.5 Diamonds:  Once again I was drawn into the magical world of Marisa Chenery’s wolves. I loved Taryn’s Wolf right from the start. Taryn’s Wolf is filled with great characters. Not only did I love the main characters in this book but all of the secondary characters made a big impression as well. I would love to find out more about Drake and Braedan. Filled with just the right amount of romance and action this book is a wonderful continuation of this series and I will definitely be looking to visit Wulf’s Den again.--Gabrielle, Got Erotic Romance