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Marisa Chenery was always a lover of books, but after reading her first historical romance novel she found herself hooked. Having inherited a love for the written word, she soon started writing her own novels.

She now writes young adult books and erotic romances.

Marisa lives in Ontario, Canada, with her husband, four children, four grandchildren (she’s a young grandma at fifty) and five rabbits.

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Coming Soon Title:  Rock Angels-Tempted by Ice
Publisher:  After Glows Publishing


Book one in the Rock Angels series.

Arwen had been crushing on Gannon, Soar’s lead singer, since their first CD came out. While attending the band’s concert in her hometown, hers and Gannon’s gazes meet during a love song, making her think he’s only singing for her.

When his gaze meets a woman’s in the audience, Gannon, lead singer for Soar, is immediately taken with her. Something about her draws him like no other human before. An Alte—a winged species that humans have mistaken for angels through chance encounters—he and his bandmates are the last of their kind after an illness had swept through their people.

As Gannon grows closer to Arwen, he finds himself fighting to keep his true self hidden. Even more frightening, when they make love, he absorbs her life energy, making him put distance between them or chance killing her.

When another of their kind arrives on the scene, the group is shocked. Where has this newcomer been the past thousand years? How did he survive the illness? Then when Arwen comes down with the disease that caused the demise of his people, Gannon is faced with letting her die or risking the rest of humanity to save her.



Gannon watched backstage as the band that had opened for them played their last song. The concert had been sold out. Being around so many people, it only brought home how he and his band mates, Jalen, Keiran, Malik, and Trae, weren’t like them. The humans had no idea what they truly were.

They were the last of their race—the Alte. For thousands of years, their people had lived alongside humans without them knowing about them. A few chance encounters, though, had the humans calling the Alte angels because of their wings and ability to fly to great heights.

Now all that was left of the Alte race were the members of Soar. Over a thousand years ago, an illness had swept through their people, killing everyone who became infected within a few days of contracting it. For some reason, he and the others had survived. Their bodies had fought off the sickness, but not without the illness changing them. No longer were they mortal as the rest of their kind had been. With their new heightened senses that enabled them to manipulate the elements and eyes that had changed to a bright silver, they had become a new breed of Alte. It hadn’t taken them long to realize they could hide what they truly were to allow them to walk among humans for the last thousand years.

Gannon looked over his shoulder at Trae when he came up behind him, which wasn’t too hard, considering Trae was six-foot-six. “Are you ready to be screamed at by a bunch of women?” he asked.

Trae smiled. “At least I have you to block any who should happen to make her way onto the stage uninvited.” He twirled his drumsticks.

He turned to face his band mate. “Thanks,” he said sarcastically. “I guess we should get ready to go on stage. The opener just started their last song.”

“We were only waiting for you.”

Gannon followed Trae as they walked to the place they were to enter the stage. Since Trae usually performed shirtless, Gannon’s gaze landed on the large black wings that looked to be a tattoo on his back. They all had the same mark, making the humans think it was a band tattoo. Little did they know the tattoo-like wings were the by-product of them hiding their real ones. At will, they could manifest them and use them to take to the sky.

Reaching the rest of the band, Gannon let his gaze settle on each one—Jalen, the guitarist, Keiran, the bass guitarist, Malik, the keyboardist, and lastly, Trae, who played the drums.

“Let’s give them a good show,” Gannon said.

Each man nodded just as the opening band walked by, the sound of the excited crowd following in their wake. It was their turn to perform. With a deep breath, Gannon geared himself up to step onto the stage. Becoming rock stars hadn’t been something any of them had planned. Their kind had always been artistic, and when rock bands started to become popular with the humans, they had formed their own, playing mostly for themselves. Soar was the fourth group name they’d come up with. Being discovered at a small venue, none of them had wanted to pass up the opportunity. Performing had given them a new purpose to their lives that had been missing. They hadn’t really thought about the potential fame that came with the job. Not that any of them were willing to give it up now.

Entering the stage with his bandmates behind him, Gannon headed for the microphone set up front and center. He waved to the audience, giving the others time to get into place.

“Hello, Kalamazoo,” he shouted into the mic. The audience responded with a resounding roar. “Let’s get loud.” Trae hit his drumsticks together to the beat of their opening song, then the others started to play.

While Gannon sang, he scanned the crowd, finding the usual screaming females. The price of fame had women throwing themselves at them, or trying to grope them. Sometimes some of his bandmates would take what they were being offered, but they mostly liked to keep to themselves.

Given the volume and number of women screaming, it was obvious Kalamazoo would be no different from any other city where they’d played. He hadn’t been very thrilled to find out they would be performing in that city. It wasn’t exactly a huge one, by any means, but it was at least the second to last stop on their concert tour.

At the halfway point of their set, he scanned the crowd once more, his gaze landing on a woman standing not too far from center stage. There was something about her, something that drew him. He couldn’t take his gaze off her.

Using his heightened senses, Gannon drew in a deep breath, singling her scent from the many. With it filling his head, he found himself intoxicated while the rest of his senses zeroed in on her. Taking in her long, wavy light brown hair, light hazel eyes, and pretty face, he burned it to memory. When their gazes collided—her staring at him with the same longing he felt—his cock went instantly rock-hard.

Gannon had no idea why she affected him so intensely. He’d slept with women who had been prettier, but none of them had him feeling like this—desperate and aching just at the sight of her. He had to fight the urge to manifest his wings, fly out into the audience, snatch her up into his arms, and take her to some remote place where he could get her under him while he sank his cock into her pussy. He couldn’t do that, no matter how much he wanted to. He was stuck on the stage until the concert was over.

Once the love song he sang ended, Gannon forced himself to pull his gaze away. He needed to pay attention to what he was doing, but knowing that didn’t stop his gaze from straying back to her over and over again while he finished the rest of the songs.

As the final notes of the last one faded away and the audience cheered, Gannon sent his senses out, directing them to the woman he wanted to get to know. With them thoroughly centered on her, he memorized her energy mark—something each human gave off that he and his bandmates could read. With it, he could focus on it and be able to find her wherever she might be. That done, and satisfied that they would meet at a more appropriate time, he looked longingly at her one final time before exiting the stage with the others.