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Embraced the Hunger

Jordan raised her camera again and snapped another picture of the man on the other side of the fence. He was gorgeous. Probably the best-looking man she’d ever seen with his shaggy, long, black hair, muscular body, and a face that would make any woman drool. Considering her line of work, that said a lot. Being a fashion photographer for the last eight years exposed her to attractive men on a daily basis. The large winged tattoo that graced the upper part of his back just added to his appeal.

She’d been driving around Phoenix’s old warehouse district, looking for the perfect place for a photo shoot. Once she’d spotted this one—that appeared in better shape than some of the other buildings around it—she’d parked her car on the street out in front to check it out. Jordan had never expected to find a mouthwatering hunk of a man washing a flashy sports car when she’d walked around the chain-linked fence. She hadn’t been able to resist taking some pictures of him.

Jordan lowered her camera and smiled as he stepped closer to where she stood. The nearer he came, the better looking he was. She raked him with her gaze from head to foot, lingering a few extra seconds on the crotch of his faded blue jeans. Seeing how he filled out the front of them quite nicely, she swallowed and licked her lips.

She forced her gaze off that enticing area and looked him in his light brown eyes. “Hi,” she croaked and cleared her throat. Now that was impressive.

He crossed his arms over his wide chest, which only caused Jordan to stare at his now flexed pecs. “Can I ask what you’re doing?” His voice was deep with a slight accent she didn’t recognize.

Jordan lifted her gaze back to his face and found him frowning. “Taking your picture.”

“I can see that. The question is why.”

Had he looked in a mirror lately? Any woman with a camera, or even a camera phone, wouldn’t hesitate to take his picture. He was almost too good looking to be real. A girl needed proof that her eyes hadn’t been playing tricks on her, and a photograph would give her something to stare at while she pretended he was hers.

“I’m a fashion photographer. You make a great subject.”

He started to smile—even that small hint of one left her breathless—but it quickly shifted back to a frown. “This is private property. You should leave.”

“Are you the owner? If you are, then you’re the man I want to talk to.” There were a lot of other things she wanted to do to besides talk, but given the chilly reception he gave her, they weren’t likely to happen. Not that she’d stand a chance with a man who looked like him.

“I’m one of them.”

“As I said, I’m a fashion photographer. I’ve been looking for a place like this warehouse to do a photo shoot. Would you allow me to use the property for an afternoon?” He didn’t answer, but still continued to frown. Jordan reached into the camera bag she carried, pulled out one of her business cards, and held it out to him through one of the fence’s openings. “Here’s my card. I’m legit.”

He stepped closer and took the card from her. He read it, then looked up again. “Sorry, but you’re not going to able to do a shoot here.”

As he started to turn away, Jordan quickly said, “Wait. I can pay you to use it.”

He turned back around. “I don’t need your money. The answer is still no.”

“Would you at least consider modeling for me? With your looks, my agent would have no problem selling my work to some of the bigger-name magazines.”

“You want me to model for you?”

“Yeah. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any experience. I can work around that. Plus, the girls I’d have you working with have been in the business for a few years so they could help you as well.”

The frown left his face and he grinned. “I’d be working with female models?”

It figured the mention of him modeling with some of her girls would put him in a better mood. Of course he couldn’t say he’d be thrilled at the prospect of working with just her. Jordan couldn’t compete with her girls’ looks. She wasn’t ugly, but with her brown hair, brown eyes, slim build that wasn’t exactly curvy, and average height, she didn’t stand a chance.

Trying her best not to sound annoyed, she said, “Yes, you would.”

He seemed to think it over, then shook his head. “I don’t think I should.”

Jordan stepped closer to the fence until her chest was against it. With the hand that didn’t hold her camera, she put her fingers through the links and held on. “Why not? What man wouldn’t want a couple of female models posing with him?” She slid her gaze over his hard body as she continued. “They’d run their hands all over you.” Really getting into what was basically her fantasy, she said in a breathier voice, “They’d press along you while they let you hold them. Maybe they’d even give you a kiss, just for the camera, of course.”

She snapped out of her daydream when his fingers closed over hers. He’d moved even closer while she’d spoken and now clutched the fence where she did, gazing at her with such longing it made her breath freeze in her lungs.

“What else would they do to me?” he asked, his gaze latching on to hers.

Jordan sucked in a big breath. “Maybe they’d run their fingers through your hair, just to see how soft it is.”

“Mmm, I’d like that. Would I get to touch them in return?”

She licked her suddenly dry lips, drawing his gaze to her mouth. “There has to be some touching when you pose with them. It can’t be helped.”

Leaning in so his chest brushed against hers—the fence the only thing between them—he lowered his head as she brought her face up. Their foreheads bumped into the cold metal of the chain-link at the same time, causing them to jerk back. He let go of her fingers and moved away. His chest rapidly rose and fell. Had he just been about ready to kiss her? Could he really be interested?

He opened his mouth and spoiled it. “Leave now and don’t come back.”

Obviously, what had just passed between them hadn’t affected him nearly as much as it had her. He frowned again. “You’ll still model for me, right?” He shook his head, then turned his back toward her and walked away. Before he made it into the warehouse, she shouted, “You have my card if you change your mind.”

Once he disappeared from sight, Jordan put her camera into her camera bag and headed to her car. That really had gone well. She hadn’t even had a chance to find out what his name was. After she got into her car, she continued on her search for a location for her next photo shoot. Hopefully, he’d think her offer over and call. If he didn’t, she always had the pictures she’d taken of him to remind her of their little encounter.


5 Stars:  This series just gets better and better! The characters are still engaging, and the women especially play a larger role in this story, bringing in a bit of a new element—it feels more and more like a family, which adds a nice dimension to the characters.--Stacey, Manic Readers

4.25 Stars:  I liked both of them as characters and I found this novel to be an original take on both Ancient Egypt and the current crop of 'Warrior' paranormal novels. Reading this book made me want to read the previous books in the series. So I will definitely be checking them out..--CYD, Night Owl Reviews

4.5 Cherries:  In the book Embrace the Hunger Marisa Chenery once again weaves her magic. The love that grows between Akori and Jordan was wonderful. With characters so deep with emotions Embrace the Hunger is a book that should not be missed. Marisa Chenery adds a little bit of everything to her stories even a little humor now and than. Each book in this series has been a wonderful read and I am eagerly awaiting the next installment in this series.--Mistletoe, Whipped Cream Erotic Romance Reviews

5 Hoots:  Marisa Chenery has written another fantastic installment in Embrace the Hunger, book four of Ra’s chosen series. Each stage of this story overflowed with vigor and excitement. Another narrative of destined mate’s, unknowingly, abiding time till separate paths connect as one. The immediate heat and passion between Akori and Jordan is mind blowing. I couldn't stop reading until I finished. I read it in one sitting. I had to go back through their embrace again. Marisa Chenery has a superb approach with the written word earning her accounts a must to be devoured over and over again.--Angela, Nocutrne Romance Reads

3.5 Tombstones:  The fourth book in the “Ra’s Chosen” series, Embrace the Hunger delivers another sweet and sultry story of an immortal warrior of the Egyptian sun-god, Ra. Fans of the “Argeneau” vampire series by Lynsay Sands may find some similar plot elements in the “Ra’s Chosen” books, but the similarities should only endear the latter books to fans of the Sands series. Chenery’s Egyptian-flavored books come recommended to anyone with an ancient bent or with an interest in twisting the vampire mythos. Her books are always cute; I have read several different series by this author and I am never disappointed! They might be quick reads, but they are definitely satisfying.--Jennifer, Bitten By Books