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Marisa Chenery was always a lover of books, but after reading her first historical romance novel she found herself hooked. Having inherited a love for the written word, she soon started writing her own novels.

She now writes young adult books and erotic romances.

Marisa lives in Ontario, Canada, with her husband, four children, four grandchildren (she’s a young grandma at fifty) and five rabbits.

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Eli and Saskia Title:  Wulf's Den-Eli and Saskia
Publisher:  Loose Id

ISBN:  978-1-68252-194-6

Book five in the Wulf's Den Series

Eli vowed he would never tie himself to one woman. But when he sees a lone werewolf female at Wulf's Den with six large male werewolves at her back, he finds himself instantly attracted to her.

Saskia and her brothers-in-arms have come to Wulf's Den in search of the foretold one, the one they have trained most of their long lives to protect. What she didn't expect was to have one of her visions while there. Or to see that she and the male mortal who looks at her with hunger in his eyes would eventually end up in bed together.

As Eli and Saskia try to sort through the feelings of an unexpected mating, a new enemy rises to threaten Roxie in her position as the foretold one. An enemy who could end their mating prematurely.


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He sucked in a sharp breath as Saskia turned her violet-eyed gaze his way. The tip of her tongue came out to wet her lips. Eli resisted the urge to reach down and adjust the front of his pants to make room for his erection. As if she knew what it did to him, she licked her lips once more. He bit back a moan as he thought of how it would feel to have her use her tongue on the part of him that throbbed, begging for attention. Before she could answer, Beowulf arrived.

“Royce tells me you wish to see Roxie.”

Saskia turned to face Beowulf. “Yes.”

“Well, this isn’t the time nor place. We like to keep pack business out of the nightclub.”

“Then where can we meet?”

Beowulf handed Saskia a piece of paper. “Here’s my cell phone number. Call tomorrow afternoon, and we’ll arrange a time for you to talk to Roxie.”

Saskia nodded. “Fine.”

Beowulf walked away while Saskia and her brothers-in-arms headed for the nightclub’s exit. He wasn’t ready to let her leave. He wanted a chance to get to know her better, but with the six men at her back, he didn’t know if they would let him anywhere near her. Deciding he would be an idiot to just let her walk away, he got up and rushed after her.

Outside, he spotted her walking down the sidewalk toward the nightclub’s parking lot. He called out to her. “Saskia, wait.”

She stopped and signaled for her men to go on without her. Eli quickened his pace until he stood in front of her. Her gaze swept down his body, lingering on the bulge in his pants before she looked him in the eyes. “Do you want something?”

Oh, he wanted something all right. He wanted her naked beneath him as he sank his aching cock into her wet pussy. He wanted to taste and stroke every inch of her. “I was wondering, if you had some free time, if you’d like to go out for dinner sometime.”

Saskia gave him a half-smile. “Are you asking me out on a date?”

“Yes. Isn’t that how it’s usually done when a man wants to get to know a woman better?”

“Not where I come from. No offense, but I don’t usually go out on dates with male mortals.”

“Why not?”

“Because I just don’t.”

Eli took a step closer. Her eyes dilated as she drew in a deep breath. “What kind of answer is that? You have to have some reason. We’re really no different from a male werewolf.” He shifted even closer so they stood toe-to-toe. Saskia’s eyes glowed mutedly, telling him that she could be more than a little interested in him.

Saskia swallowed. “I find I’m not attracted to mortals.”

“Well, maybe you just haven’t met the right one.”

“Let me guess. You think you’re the mortal to help change my mind?”

“Of course.” Eli focused on her lips. Her tongue came out to wet them. His cock jerked at the sight. With a groan, he said, “The hell with it.”

Taking a page out of Billie’s book, Eli pulled Saskia to him as he took her lips in a kiss. He threaded his fingers through the hair at the back of her head and angled his mouth against hers. Much to his pleasure she didn’t push him away. Instead, she opened and sucked his tongue inside. He moaned as he dragged her closer and ground his erection against her hip. A second later, he gasped as she threaded her fingers through his hair and pushed him until his back slammed up against a brick wall. She kissed him for all she was worth. Lost in a sexual haze, he forgot where they were until a deep voice called her name. Reluctantly they pulled apart.

Jager stood a foot away with his arms crossed over his broad chest. He shook his head. “Saskia, if you’re done checking the mortal’s tonsils, we’d like to leave.”

Stepping out of Eli’s embrace, Saskia nodded. “I’m coming.”

Jager snorted. “Yeah, I could see you were well on your way.”

Saskia glared at him before she turned back to Eli. “I have to go.”

As she went to walk away, Eli stopped her. “When can I see you again?”

“I don’t know.”

“Can I at least have your phone number?” When she hesitated, he said, “Okay, I won’t push, but if you change your mind, you can find me most days at my family’s gym, York Fitness.”

“See you around, Eli.” With that, Saskia disappeared around the corner.

Eli blew out a deep breath. That had gone well. Not. He’d sounded like a desperate teenager, begging the girl he liked to go out with him. He usually didn’t make such an ass of himself around women. He pulled the ends of his button-down shirt out of his slacks to try to hide the raging hard-on he sported, then turned to go back inside Wulf’s Den. He needed a couple more drinks before the night was through if he planned on getting any sleep. With the taste of Saskia still in his mouth, he doubted he’d be able to without her filling his dreams.


4 Nymphs:  The plot is well written and fast-paced, with great characterizations and entertaining, snappy dialogue. The pairing of Eli and Saskia is passionate and intense from the beginning and the little plot twist that neither wanted to be tied down…perfect. Ms. Chenery did a nice job working Eli and Saskia through the upheaval of their unwanted mating, showing the physical and emotional surrender to their mutual need. There are also six new additions to the world of the inhabitants of the Wulf’s Den, with the arrival of Saskia and her men. These guys are gorgeous like all werewolves, determined, loyal and trained deadly warriors, and I can’t wait to see what Ms. Chenery does with them in future releases.--Mystical Nymph, Literary Nymphs Reviews Only

4 Stars:  His She-Wolf Warrior continues to keep the reader on the edge of her seat with the sexual intensity. Ms. Chenery does an excellent job keeping the pace and bringing readers up to speed with previous characters and their stories. I really enjoyed His She-Wolf Warrior and I am sure fans of the Wulf's Den and new readers will be thrilled with this story.--LT Blue, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

4.25 Hearts:  This was a fun short book that had lots of action and a cute love story. The book is very fast paced and before you know it, it’s over and you’re looking for more. Still, even coming in the middle of a series, I thoroughly enjoyed this story. If you’re looking for a fun book that won’t take long to read, this may be the one for you. It has lots of elements packed into very few pages but beware, it may leave you wanting more.--Terri, Night Owl Romance

3 Angels:  This is the first story I have read and I found it easy to follow along. I really enjoyed all the characters, from Eli and Saskia, to the rest of the werewolves. They were fun to read about, and it made me want to read all of the previous stories. I'm looking forward to reading more by Marisa Chenery.--Ashley, Fallen Angel Reviews

3.5 Blue Ribbons:  With highly erotic and engaging dialogue she pulls her readers in and keeps them watching and waiting. I found HIS SHE-WOLF WARRIOR to be different from the other books in this series. To me, this is what made HIS SHE-WOLF WARRIOR original, and as a reader I love stories that aren’t predictable. With surprises waiting around every corner and a pair of lovers who scorch the pages, HIS SHE-WOLF WARRIOR is entertaining, sexy, and a good read.--Natalie, Romance Junkies

4.5 Stars:  Ms. Chenery has once again brought us an entertaining tale of romance, mystery, and danger. She never fails to entertain and bring the wow factor! This is one book and definitely one series that I would recommend! I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next!--Victoria Lyn, Manic Readers

4.5 Delightful Divas:  Ms. Chenery finished this series with a bang and left things wide open for the next series, Roxie's Protectors, which is tied to Wulf's Den. I do have to say that this book was my favorite of the five books in this series. Ms. Chenery really outdid herself with these characters and the plot in this book. I have really enjoyed reading this series, as I am sure any erotic paranormal lover would. Ms. Chenery pulled me right into each story and I was surprised each time they came to an end so quickly. I can't wait to move on to the next series of books.--Melissa, Dark Diva Reviews

4.5 Diamonds:  This is a great installment in Marisa Chenery’s werewolf series. Each and every hero and heroine in this series is a great character and I cannot wait to see them all find their mates. As with all of this author's other books, this one was not only a hot read but one that lets the love shine through.--Gabrielle, Got Erotic Romance

A confirmed bachelor can’t resist the allure of a female warrior in His She-Wolf Warrior. The night that Saskia and Eli meet in a bar is just the beginning of a journey filled with love and danger. His She-Wolf Warrior takes passion, adventure, humor, and suspense and mixes it altogether into a spectacular series-ending story. I have to say that for me Wulf’s Den is one series that I will be re-reading many times, and is a keeper in my paranormal library. And I look forward to learning more about Roxie’s Protectors in which Saskia is just the first.--Jo, Joyfully Reviewed