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Marisa Chenery was always a lover of books, but after reading her first historical romance novel she found herself hooked. Having inherited a love for the written word, she soon started writing her own novels.

She now writes young adult books and erotic romances.

Marisa lives in Ontario, Canada, with her husband, four children, four grandchildren (she’s a young grandma at fifty) and five rabbits.

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Beowulf and Roxie Title:  Wulf's Den-Beowulf and Roxie
Publisher:  Loose Id

ISBN:  978-1-68252-130-4

Book one in the Wulf's Den Series

When Roxie and her friend, Candice, decided on a girls' night out she didn't realize Wulf's Den would be more than she had anticipated. Roxie soon learned to expect anything. The presence of a super-abundance of super good-looking men surprised her, and when the best of the bunch stared at her as if he wanted to devour her, surprise turned to amazement.

Beowulf recognized her as his mate the instant she crossed his path and her scent filled his lungs, but he has to overcome one hurdle. She was not one of his kind—a werewolf. He had waited for years to find his mate, and he would claim her even if she was a mortal. He would soon teach her all about werewolves.

Roxie is caught up in strange events. Archaic markings appear on her wrist, and strong forces threaten to tear her away from her love as two other male werewolves try to claim her as their own. Would Roxie and Beowulf be able to keep the bond love had forged or would they lose each other forever?


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The sound of Candice laughing drew Roxie’s attention back to her friend. “Are my eyes playing tricks on me, or are there sinful amounts of hunks here?”

Candice laughed once more. “Isn’t it great? Gail at work told me about this place. I didn’t believe her at first, but after I came here last Friday and found she told the truth, I knew you had to come check it out.”

A perky little waitress stopped by their table. Roxie ordered a glass of white wine. When the girl moved to take Candice’s order, Roxie glanced at the bar. Immediately, all the air rushed out of her lungs. She’d thought the other guys she’d seen were gorgeous, but the one standing behind the bar outshone them all.

He had to be no less than six feet seven. His straight soot-black hair brushed the tops of his shoulders, accentuating the sharp angles of his face. His shoulders were broad and padded with muscle, the same with his chest. He wore a tight, black T-shirt. Roxie couldn’t help but notice how the muscles in his arms bunched as he poured drinks. She wouldn’t be able to see what color his eyes were, even if he had been looking at her, which he wasn’t. Drop-dead gorgeous guys didn’t usually notice her.

Roxie sighed with longing, then dragged her gaze off the bartender and looked at Candice, who had a wide smile plastered on her face. It took Roxie only a few seconds to figure out who her friend seduced with her smile. A guy, not as good-looking as the hunks but not shabby in the looks department by any means, sauntered to their table. He smiled at Candice and asked her to dance. Candice looked at Roxie, who waved her friend to go. At least one of them should be enjoying themselves.

Alone, Roxie glanced back at the bar to see if the waitress had picked up their drinks yet. Her breath caught in her throat. The bartender looked straight at her, or at least she hoped he was. She turned her head to make sure there wasn’t anyone standing behind her. She couldn’t believe he stared at her. And it wasn’t that he was merely staring; he seemed to be devouring her with his eyes. Finding no one standing at the rear of her, she gulped and looked back.

She couldn’t tear her gaze away from him. The way his moved over her, it almost felt as if he caressed her. The world seemed to fall away. She no longer heard the loud music or perceived the other people around her. Her whole being centered on the man behind the bar. It’d been so long since someone had looked at her in that way. Her sex-starved body thrilled at his touch, even if it was only with his gaze.

She squirmed in her chair. Unable to take her gaze off him, Roxie watched his drop from her face to her chest. Her breasts swelled, and her nipples hardened into tight buds. They begged for his touch, for the feel of his hot mouth sucking her. Not wanting to be left out, her pussy demanded her attention too. A throbbing ache built in her core, and wetness pooled. She squeezed her legs together, trying to alleviate some of it, but that only made the throbbing increase. Never before had she been brought to full arousal by merely being stared at.

If he could do that with his gaze, what would happen if he actually touched me?

The waitress returned and placed the drinks on the table. Roxie wrenched her gaze off the bartender and tried to calm her body down. She picked up the glass of wine and took a big swig. It immediately went down the wrong way, causing her to gasp for breath while she coughed to clear her lungs. By the time she got over her choking fit, her eyes were streaming, and she had the feeling her face was an unbecoming shade of red.

Unable to look at the bar to see if the bartender had been watching her try to cough up one of her lungs, Roxie slid out of her chair. She quickly made a beeline for the restroom. She splashed cool water on her face and gave her hair a quick fluffing, then prepared to face the world once more.

Roxie stepped back into the club, squared her shoulders, and headed to her table. Her luck ran out. One moment she was walking and the next her klutzy side reared its ugly head. She didn’t just stumble, not anything as simple as that, no. With her right foot, she stepped down and twisted her ankle over. When the side of it hit the floor, she knew she was in trouble. She threw her hands out and prepared to meet the tile as she started to fall.

Expecting to land in an undignified heap, Roxie was shocked when strong arms grabbed her around the waist, effectively breaking her fall. Her hands came to rest on a rock-hard chest. She blinked in surprise as she looked up into the bluest eyes she’d ever seen. She groaned in embarrassment. Her rescuer was none other than the hunky bartender.


4 Hearts:  The author weaves a fascinating paranormal romance that is entertaining and a page-turner. You will want to read it.--Arianna, Night Owl Romance Review

3.5 Books:  I love stories that portray strong women that can take care of business, and this one fits the bill. The chemistry between Beowulf and Roxie is intense and passionate. The intrigue is engaging; there are secrets and twists, and she teases you just enough to keep you interested. If you appreciate tales of werewolves and women who can kick butt, give this one a try.--Camomile, The Long and The Short Of It

4 Cups:  This story contains action, excitement of many kinds, and more than a bit of humor. The author really has a gift for writing hot love scenes, but I really enjoyed how Roxie stands up to the big bad werewolves and wins. You will love reading how she handles the extremely strange situations she finds herself in and the sexy wolf she falls in love with.--Maura, Coffee Time Romance

4.5 Blue Ribbons:  This is a fun tale with a slight element of danger. Roxie and Beowulf are an alluring couple and their seductive love scenes will capture your attention. Marisa Chenery has done an excellent job of writing a bewitching story of paranormal love and adventure.--Angel, Romance Junkies

Beowulf and Roxie is nothing like the ode I read in high school. Their bonding was shiverlicious and the sex was heady. It was enough to make me sweat. Thumbs up Ms. Chenery on giving a new twist to an extremely old English tale.--Talia Ricci, Joyfully Reviewed

5 Stars:  Ms. Chenery has written a novel that I believe every woman can relate to. The pace is driven by the numerous plot twists, smokin’ sex, and the changing relationships amongst the cast of characters. Once I started reading, I couldn't stop. This one is definitely headed for my keeper shelf as one of my favorites. I can't wait to read more from Ms. Chenery!--T.S. Peters, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

4.5 Kisses:  Marisa Chenery pens a brilliant, erotic story that kept me on the edge of my seat. Beowulf And Roxie is a laugh a minute as Beowulf refuses to allow Roxie to return to her hermit lifestyle. I am hoping that Ms. Chenery plans a sequel, as I would love to see what happens next!--Alisha, Two Lips Reviews

5 Hearts:  Beowulf and Roxie is a magical fairytale filled with lots of humor, loving and adventure. What I loved about this book was the way Ms. Chenery mixed the characters, making them all blend in so well that the story actually came alive in your imagination.--Margo Arthur, The Romance Studio

4 Flowers:  Beoweulf and Roxie is a fast-paced and fun read, with witty dialogue and plenty of blistering hot sex. And the tale of Beowulf finding and claiming his mate after so many centuries kept me glued to the computer screen as I read to the end. I for one would love to see more stories set in this world.--Pam, My Book Cravings

5 Tombstones:  The passion and chemistry with a blend of romance and love on the same plate makes the characters come alive in this book. Marisa Chenery has woven a story full of thrilling romance and emotions. Beowulf and Roxie is the kind of book with a perfect balance of action, romance, passion and love.--Amy, Bitten by Books

Marisa Chenery does a great job of bringing her characters to life in Beowulf and Roxie. Ms. Chenery does a wonderful job of describing the characters as well as the places in this book, and draws her readers in so they want to read the rest of the series. Readers that enjoy shifter stories or series stories will enjoy Beowulf and Roxie, as well as the others in the series I am sure.--Stacy Link, ParaNoramalRomance

5 Stars:  WOW—Beowulf and Roxie is an absolutely outstanding paranormal story. The characters are incredibly rich and well drawn. The plot moves along at a nice clip and there are several mysteries to solve—some will shock you! Bottom line: If you enjoy paranormal series romance then move over Sherilynn Kenyon and Christine Feehan novels—they’ve got a new rival!--AlexJouJou, Manic Readers

4 Delightful Divas:  Ms. Chenery has given a nice start to a promising Erotic Paranormal series. I always enjoy reading a well-written series and look forward to reading the rest of this one. Marisa Chenery writes in a fast, smooth pace, and her writing voice is just perfect to draw her readers into the story. She used just the right amount of descriptions to bring the characters and their surroundings to life in my mind without it becoming overkill. I look forward to more work from this author.--Melissa, Dark Diva Reviews

5 Hearts:  In this version of the ancient story, Marisa has created two long, and I mean long, time rivals. Beowulf and Gren. So far the first book has sparked my interest in this series. I liked both Roxie and Beowulf's characters. Roxie certainly shows she can be a kick butt, take no prisoners kind of girl.--Roni, Romance Book Scene

5 Diamonds:  Beowulf and Roxie is a wonderful start to this series. Marisa Chenery weaves a magical story that pulls you in right from the start. Beowulf and Roxie is full of endearing characters. I enjoyed meeting Royce, Wade and Carl and hope that each one finds his true mate as well. With just the right amounts of romance and action this is a book that should not be missed.--Gabrielle, Got Erotic Romance

4.5 Hearts:  got this book because it had been on my TBR list for awhile. Come to find out that I had already read it and just hadn’t taken it off. Well I went ahead and read it agian because I had loved it the first time and reading it again only made me realize how good some authors are. Beowulf and Roxie just has that certain connection that touches you and makes you wish that you could have something like that in real life. I want to just go and get every book that this author has and read them one after the other. Until I can do that you should really try this book out. If you love werewolves and alpha males then this is the book for you.--Crystal, Smile Somebody Loves You