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Hybrid Boxed SetTitle:  Hybrid Boxed Set
Publisher:  Forever More Publishing
ISBN:  978-1-92785-981-0

The entire Hybrid series in one boxed set.

Her Ancient Hybrid

Brolach is old. Ancient. A hybrid, half vampire and half werewolf, he’s a true immortal who can never die. He’s lived for three thousand years, but has slept buried for two of them. It isn’t until a female comes to the hill where he sleeps does he come awake, ready to protect her, his vampire side knowing she’s his mate

Falling For a Hybrid

Being a loner, moving by herself from a city to a small town, is something Rikki is more than capable of handling. Having a strong hunk who offers to help with the heavy lifting was just an added bonus. And one she couldn’t pass up.

To Win a Hybrid

Kaisa has a rule about dating male humans. She doesn’t. A past relationship had left her unable to trust one again. Then Devin comes into her life, and makes her long for things she knows she’s better off not feeling. She tries her damnedest to push him away, but no matter what she does, he won’t let her.



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Canyon Title:  Canyon Creek Wolves Boxed Set
Publisher:  Forever More Publishing

ISBN:  978-1-92785-991-9

Release Date:  January 1, 2016

The four books in the Canyon Creek Wolves series in one boxed set.

Wild Craving

Born a wolf able to take on human form, Kiel becomes marked with the mate brand, heralding a countdown to find his mate. Neha isn’t a wolf shifter, but Kiel will give in to his wild craving and claim the woman who’ll own his heart for a lifetime.

Winter Craving

Cyrus must find the woman meant to be his mate before a winter storm takes her from him forever. But attempting to claim her may cost him the ultimate price.

Undeniable Craving

Fate was about to cruelly rip Gage’s mate away from him, but he won’t let her go without a fight. His only option is to leave it in the hands of his bite to claim her as his mate to save them both.

Passionate Craving

For Memphis, a simple trip to town turned out to be a whole lot more than buying items on his shopping list. Being mate branded and finding his mate almost at the same time, is enough to almost knock any male wolf shifter on his ass.


Coming Title:  Werewolf Defender
Publisher:  Finch Books


Release Date:  Pre-order-May 3, 2016     General Release-June 28, 2016

Jerrica Barnes has longed to experience life outside her settlement’s walls, but living in a post-apocalyptic world where zombies outnumber the living, she knows she’ll never get to fulfill her dream. But the day Calan, the werewolf defender, comes and saves her from a zombie attack, she finds her life turned upside down.

Calan has never allowed anyone close since he was turned a hundred years before at age eighteen, but Jerrica makes him long for things he hadn’t known were missing in his immortal life.

Jerrica and Calan have to overcome those who would keep them apart while Jerrica has to make a decision that could keep them together for all time or have Calan walking out of her life forever.